Our Teachers


Our Teachers


Laura Martier (RYT200) is a professional Gong Master, vocalist, musician, and freelance writer who utilizes her gifts in order to bring an authentic expression of her heart into the world. Drawing from a rich tapestry of influences and experience, Martier's work is in constant development. Her recent studies in her beloved second home, Nosara, Costa Rica have taken her deep into a path of service through sound, movement and word all coming from her heart. "My commitment to curiosity about myself and the world around me and to cultivating my most authentic voice, keeps me moving forward into the magic of music and creativity with gratitude.”

Scott Lawlor (RYT200) is a longtime board member and athletic coach for Dare County Parks and Recreation. Owner and operator of Hatties Wholesale Produce and Culinary Specialties, Scott is a proud and devoted dad to three beautiful, smart and kind children and an Outer Banks resident for over 20 years. Born and raised on the beaches of the New Jersey Shore, Scott's desire and goal for teaching the ancient practice of yoga is that everyone who comes to his class will feel exactly how he feels when he himself is a student in an amazing class that leaves him so completely relaxed and yet so incredibly energized. In essence, self aware and full of peace.  "I am so completely grateful and dedicated to my yoga practice, everyday absorbing more and more knowledge of the practice and of myself, that I'm driven to share, if I can stimulate even the tiniest spark of desire in someone or make even the smallest Improvement in how someone feels on or off their mat then I am complete.”

Amy Landes (RYT200) began practicing yoga in 2012, the same year her daughter Isla was born. She was looking for a practice that encompassed mind body and spirit in order to be the best version of herself- for herself, and her daughter. Yoga was that practice! Her passion for yoga was instantaneous and has grown with her over the years. Her dedicated practice with Anne Howard led her to complete her 220 hour teacher training with Howard in 2016 and she is registered with Yoga Alliance as a RYT200. Amy loves teaching yoga because she believes in the practice and all that it can do (and undo!) for a person. She is honored to be of benefit to others by sharing her knowledge and gifts with them. She has studied raw food culinary arts at Living Light Culinary Institute in Fort Bragg, CA as well as completed the raw food chef certification through the Mathew Kenney Culinary Online program. In addition to her classes at The Well she offers private yoga instruction and plant based chef services. “I wish all my students peace and light and invite you to come to The Well for whatever you may need to fill up your cup.”

Jennifer Spore (RYT 200) is the founder of thiswillbecolorful and the creator of Outer Banks Paddleboard Yoga. She specializes in senior yoga, guided meditation, she loves working with beginners and finding ways to practice outdoors. Her exploration of movement began as a child studying Tae Kwon Do, and transitioned to the study of yoga in college. Upon realizing that yoga offered more than just a workout, it became a critical part of her lifestyle. Jennifer strives to spread bright spots in all that she does, and believes in making the practice of yoga sustainable and accessible for everyBODY. She incorporates music, laughter, guided meditation and breath work into each of her classes to strengthen the mind as well as the body. "Self-expression and movement are the keys to healing and happiness. No matter where you are on your journey, if you can breathe, you can do yoga, if you can move, you can make art, and if all else fails, if you get outside and just take a deep breath, beautiful things are bound to happen. I'll see you out there!"

Craig Honeycutt (RYT 200, Y12SR) is the founder of Gentle Ocean Yoga which provides private yoga instructions on the Outer Banks and other locations depending on his travels. Craig is a graduate of the Amalam School of Yoga and has been bringing a variety of Vinyasa-style practices to his students. Some of these range from Hatha inspired slow flows to more upbeat flows that are informed by highly curated musical playlists. He also serves the community in recovery with Yoga for 12 Step Recovery sessions. 

Dan Althoff   Dan has been a certified fitness instructor on the Outer Banks for over ten years and an active part of fitness culture for much longer. He has studied, practiced, and in several cases certified in many disciplines including western strength and endurance training, ashtanga yoga, parkour and multiple martial arts, both hard and soft styles. He is a student of the Ido Portal method and like Ido, Bruce Lee and many others has come to the realization that there is no one discipline that is right for everyone. He believes hat movement is not meant to be systemized and put into patterns prescribed by specialized authorities, movement is a gift to be explored. His aim is to share movement culture and build adaptable, resilient, high quality capabilities for all movers.

Shree Fulcher  (ERYT200, Y12SR) is a healer at heart. She brings a 200 hour ERYT certification, with the addition of over 108 hours of training in Bhakti yoga and Tantric philosophy. Extensive Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and Restorative Yoga training gives her a deeper understanding of the more subtle experiences of yoga. Shree has also received certification, through Y12SR, to teach Yoga for Recovery and relapse prevention. Having studied under powerful leaders such as Janet Stone, Nikki Myers, Tommy Rosen, Dana Walters, Jeremy Wolff, Patrick Harrington, Hareesh Wallis, and Jason Neemer, her education and understanding of yoga is both expansive and eclectic. She continues her learning journey, as she travels the world to find new and exciting ways to bring Yoga, as a way of healing, to the people and places that she loves. Shree` has been an intuitive/spiritual massage therapist for over 10 years and received her Reiki 1&2 attunements in 2015. She also offers her intuitive gifts through readings, from a variety of Oracle Cards, and facilitates personalized Star Seed Awakenings, from The Human Design.

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