Our Teachers



Laura Martier (RYT200)

is a professional Gong Master, vocalist, musician, and freelance writer who utilizes her gifts in order to bring an authentic expression of her heart into the world. Drawing from a rich tapestry of influences and experience, Martier's work is in constant development. Her recent studies in her beloved second home, Nosara, Costa Rica have taken her deep into a path of service through sound, movement and word all coming from her heart. "My commitment to curiosity about myself and the world around me and to cultivating my most authentic voice, keeps me moving forward into the magic of music and creativity with gratitude.”


Scott Lawlor (AKA Pickles) (RYT200)

is a longtime board member and athletic coach for Dare County Parks and Recreation. Owner and operator of Hatties Wholesale Produce and Culinary Specialties, Scott is a proud and devoted dad to three beautiful, smart and kind children and an Outer Banks resident for over 20 years. Born and raised on the beaches of the New Jersey Shore, Scott's desire and goal for teaching the ancient practice of yoga is that everyone who comes to his class will feel exactly how he feels when he himself is a student in an amazing class that leaves him so completely relaxed and yet so incredibly energized. In essence, self aware and full of peace. "I am so completely grateful and dedicated to my yoga practice, everyday absorbing more and more knowledge of the practice and of myself, that I'm driven to share, if I can stimulate even the tiniest spark of desire in someone or make even the smallest Improvement in how someone feels on or off their mat then I am complete.”


Shree Fulcher (ERYT200, Y12SR)

is a healer at heart. She brings a 200 hour ERYT certification, with the addition of over 108 hours of training in Bhakti yoga and Tantric philosophy. Extensive Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and Restorative Yoga training gives her a deeper understanding of the more subtle experiences of yoga. Shree has also received certification, through Y12SR, to teach Yoga for Recovery and relapse prevention. Having studied under powerful leaders such as Janet Stone, Nikki Myers, Tommy Rosen, Dana Walters, Jeremy Wolff, Patrick Harrington, Hareesh Wallis, and Jason Neemer, her education and understanding of yoga is both expansive and eclectic. She continues her learning journey, as she travels the world to find new and exciting ways to bring Yoga, as a way of healing, to the people and places that she loves. Shree` has been an intuitive/spiritual massage therapist for over 10 years and received her Reiki 1&2 attunements in 2015. She also offers her intuitive gifts through readings, from a variety of Oracle Cards, and facilitates personalized Star Seed Awakenings, from The Human Design.

Meg Ericsson (RYT200)

I am an Aromatherapist and my company is Nags Head Apothecary. I became interested in Essentrics ® when I was dealing with neck and shoulder pain. When I started practicing Essentrics ® it was only a short time before the pain was gone. I had tried many different therapies to aid in reducing this pain, but it wasn't until I started practicing Essentrics ® regularly, that I found fast relief. I decided to become a certified instructor. As another tool for holistic health. I offer Aromatherapy, integrated reflexology and now Essentrics ®. Not only have I had pain release. I have also had an increase in strength, flexibility and mobility! My passion is to help others. Essentrics ® has a big roll in this!

Vanessa Fede (RYT200)

Vanessa is the founder of HappyNess Trail which is a community to allow creative manifestation of life's many different paths. Vanessa's path began back at the age of 16 when a teacher guided her to attend a class in order to help her through a difficult time. For over the past 15 years, Vanessa has continued her yogic journey by studying Ayurveda at Kripalu School of Ayurveda in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Soon after her study, she decided to get her 200-hour RYT in an off the grid eco-village in Costa Rica. Where she also learned about permaculture and herbology. Vanessa is passionate about helping others connect back to nature, sustainability, organic/plant-based diet, and helping others find their true calling in life.


Amy Wells (RYT200):

Generations of my family have lived along the Outer Banks. I grew up on this coastal strand where weather and water shape lives and land; it has made me who I am. I have four young adult children who I love and adore, and they have been my best teachers. Received my yoga teacher training through Amalam School of Yoga in Kitty Hawk in 2013 . I had been a lifelong fitness and sports enthusiast when a series of life and health challenges forced me to find a new way of being. Yoga found me. Yoga helped me breathe and be brave until I could get on my feet. The paths to yoga are varied and diverse. We arrive with all different levels of ability and unique bodies. We honor and respect our differences, but we find similarity in the breath and being present. From here, we begin to move and explore. I invite all to come, breath, move, and connect the circumstances that bring you to the mat.


Michelle Dorer: (RYT200)

Director of the Ashtanga Yoga Center in the Outer Banks. She began practicing yoga in 2002 when she was a student at the University of Virginia. She was happy to meet her teacher Tim Miller in Charlottesville, VA in April 2004. She has and continues to make annual trips to Encinitas, CA, attends his workshops and conferences worldwide, completed his First Series Teacher Training, Second Series Teacher Training, and Third Series Teacher Training. Tim has taught her well into the Fourth Series of the Ashtanga Yoga sequences. Michelle had the opportunity to practice with Pattabhi Jois at the tale end of his life and has also studied with several other prominent Ashtanga Yoga teachers within the Lineage, has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga daily uninterrupted for fourteen years, has attended several workshops on various areas of spirituality such as Meditation, Chanting, Astrology, Ayurveda, studies of sacred texts, and has a love for lore, dancing, and gathering around Fire. She has a BA in psychology from the University of Virginia. It is her intention as a teacher to help facilitate the continuation of her students’ physical practice while nourishing their spiritual and emotional growth symbiotically. She is interested in the global movement of Awakening that is currently happening and supports any holistic practice that facilitates this process.