Cacao and Sacred Sound Ceremony with Brien Egen. Oct 3, 7:30-9:30pm

Cacao (chocolate in it's purest form) is an ancient plant medicine and spirit guide that brings you into the now in a deep and physical way and allows you to expand your awareness of your own compassion and empathic response to everyone whom you interact with.  It has amazing health benefits and creates an overall sense of well being and expansion.

Known for its heart-opening capabilities, cacao creates a resonant field in your heart, and we are going to take it even deeper using vibrational sounds of the crystal healing bowls and pyramids along with karuna reiki chanting and toning.

You will be led into a sacred ceremony of harmonics and heart, where the healing magic of mother cacao will awaken our deepest feelings of connection as well as channel the healing energy of the forest to embue our bodies and spirits. As the cacao activates within us, we will be led into a deep sound healing meditation to bring wholeness and healing to our heart centers.

Join us as we align our intentions for this new season into our heart space and create the life we are meant to have now, in this lifetime.

Some important guidelines before attending the ceremony:

~ No caffeine taken the day of the ceremony.

~ Eat a very light meal 2/3 hours prior to attending

~ Drink lots of water before the ceremony.

~ For those on any anti-depressants, pain medication or have major heart problems, please consult with your doctor first.

COST: $35

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