2018 Summer Concert Series

The Well teams up again with Buncearoo for a Summer of GREAT music

We are hosting 4 great concerts this summer in a gorgeous, intimate setting

We are so excited to continue our collaboration with Buncearoo Presents, adding more music to the summer schedule. The response to our shows so far have been incredibly positive. Here's some things to know:

  • IT SOUNDS GREAT. We have a good sound person come in to support these up and coming stars.
  • IT LOOKS GREAT: The Well is a beautiful and cosmic space. We add to it by putting a nice stage in with lighting.
  • IT'S INTIMATE. We set up about 30-35 Chairs for the event. You will be very close to the artist, and this is a listening environment. You will be bathed in a great performance!
  • WINE. Cheryl and Bill are both food and drink fans, so they provide a little wine for you. 
  • TICKETS. Are typically $20 and WORTH EVERY PENNY. They can be purchased at the door or at Buncearoo Presents.
OBX Music Summer 2018 at The Well Yoga OBX.png