Class Descriptions


Class Descriptions

Gong Bath Sound Meditation: Join Gong Masters Dan and Laura Martier as they lead you through an hour of relaxation and transformation through vibration and sound. Using gongs, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes and various other sound making instruments, the Martier's create an ocean of sound that is profoundly relaxing. The benefits of this practice include stress relief, relaxation, activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, induced meditative state and a holistic resonance in the body.

Move, Meditate + Manifest: (All levels ) Begin your week with intention. Clear your mind, focus your energy and set your intentions towards manifesting your highest potential for the week ahead. Guided meditation accompanied by light stretching and some yin postures. No experience needed.

Moon Vibrations Vinyasa Flow: (All Levels) Realign your energy while exploring the phases of the moon during this flowing vinyasa series. Physical postures allow us to delve deeper into nature’s flows of energy so that we can experience harmony. Learn how to use the energy of each new moon and full moon towards beginning new projects, and releasing old ones.  

Feel-Good Lunchtime Flow: (All Levels) Reclaim your joy with this all-levels class. We’ll fire up our bodies with a vigorous flow, we’ll move through some tension-easing stretching poses, and we’ll finish class with meditation time.

Chair Yoga: (All Levels)  Intended for those who want all the benefits of yoga without the need to get up and down from the floor. We’ll practice traditional yoga poses adapted for standing next to or sitting in a chair. If getting up and down is no problem for you, you can still achieve positive changes in flexibility, strength and endurance from chair yoga. No yoga experience necessary and chairs are provided.

All Levels Yoga: (All Levels) A heart centered moving meditation that builds strength and stamina while harmonizing body and mind. A healthy challenge that is appropriate for all levels as modifications will be given for beginners and more experienced yogis. This well rounded practice will leave you feeling balanced and refreshed with increased clarity and vitality.

Vinyasa With Surprises: (All Levels)  A multi level vinyasa with surprises, physical Phunk for the soul. A sometimes power based flow with a schtick of levity, a sometimes grounding sequence for the introspective.

Vinyasa: (All Levels) Movement is linked with the breath in this flow style class. With an emphasis on proper alignment, breathing techniques and meditation, this well rounded class will leave you balanced and energized.

Beginners Yoga: (All Levels ) This is a simple and smooth yoga class designed for beginners. We will practice the basics and lower the barriers that new students often put in front of themselves to make practicing more difficult. This class is tailored for the students in the class and we welcome first time students!

Dawn Patrol Deep Stretch: (All Levels) This early morning class focused on Hatha inspired poses taken at a slow pace to allow for a deeper stretch. Often starting with "core on the floor" poses to strengthen the core and loosen the hamstrings it is designed to get you into your day with a strong base and a relaxed mind. 

Multi-Level Yoga: Powered by a highly curated list of music by teacher Craig Honeycutt, this is a class that will move your body at a steady rate towards a good yoga session. Working on power poses and transitions this class is designed in the Vinyasa style with a good chance of sweat.

emPowerment Flow: (All Levels)  Unite the body & breath with potent themes and powerful playlists, all woven together to create a divine yogic dance. Warm up, Flow, and Cool back down in this all-levels experience. Savasana with massage & reiki included. This class is taught in a warm temperature.

Restore w/ Nidra  (All Levels) We begin with a few restorative stretches and end with yogic sleep. During Yoga Nidra, the body sleeps as the consciousness remains awake and aware. In this meditation (practiced while laying comfortably on the back) we are able to reach deep levels of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. As we journey through the koshas, or the "sheaths that cover the soul", we are able to imprint our sankalpa (intention) as we soften our samskaras (imprinted experiences). Are you ready for this group healing?

Off The Mat:  This athletic non-yoga movement class is taught by Dan Althoff who uses a variety of different movement arts to bring sweat, focus, strength, fun and dynamics. 

Essentrics: Essentrics is based on eccentric strengthening which stretches the muscles then strengthens them in the elongated position creating a lean toned body. Essentricsâ„¢ is intended to make the waist thinner, the stomach flatter, the legs leaner and the butt toned, leaving the entire body more flexible and agile

Yin/Restorative:  Add this deep stretch to your weekly routine! We will remain on the floor for this practice, either holding (Yin) or melting into (Restorative) postures. In Yin yoga stretches, we are accessing the connective tissues and holding stretches that help to assist the free-flowing of Qi energy through the body. In Restorative poses, we learn to relax and move into meditative states while melting into supported stretches. As we rest into/hold these shapes, a deep healing is able to occur for mind/body/spirit. 

Flow to Nidra: Wind down from your week in this Candlelit Slow Flow that prepares us to reach deeper states of awareness, in Yoga Nidra. A 50/50 Asana/Meditation offering that begins with simple movements and ends with silent stillness. Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness that we reach, through a series of relaxation techniques. The benefits of this practice include expanded awareness, enhanced memory&creativity, release of outdated patterning/programming, and relief from the symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression, and even PTSD (with continued practice).